International Organizing Committee:

A. Zahradníková (Slovakia), Scientific Organizer

M. Bär (Germany)

B. Echebarria (Spain)

S. Luther (Germany)

I. Zahradník (Slovakia)


The Cardiac Dynamics Workshop is sponsored by the European Science Foundation under the supervision of the FuncDyn Programme (Functional Dynamics in Complex Biological and Chemical Systems). The organizer of the meeting is Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia. The workshop will take place in the Smolenice Castle, the Congress Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, on August 24 – 27, 2009.

Cardiac dynamics is of large importance to cardiology. During the last decade it accrued into a new field that bridges the gap between basic and applied research, using both, theoretical and experimental approaches. Models of cardiac dynamics are indispensable to deal with problems that cannot be approached experimentally and to provide interpretation of data of clinical or laboratory origin. This workshop will bring together leading scientists in this field to discuss both, established and emerging aspects of modelling cardiac dynamics in a workshop format.

The topics will cover theoretical and experimental approaches to studying intracellular calcium dynamics, excitation-contraction coupling, mechano-electric feedback, and arrhythmias, and how these processes are controlled by gating of ion channels, generation of the action potential, diffusion and binding of calcium, and spreading of excitation. We hope that it will be an exciting program that brings experimentalists, theoretical biologists, and mathematical scientists together. 

The program schedule consists of keynote lectures and poster sessions. Plenty of time and space will be available for discussions. Attendees will be limited to 50 and will be selected by the Program Committee. There will be no parallel sessions, and posters will be on display during the entire meeting. We hope to attract young scientists by the low registration fees and short deadlines. Young scientists may compete for poster awards.

Selected full papers originating from the keynote lectures and reflecting the state of the art in cardiac dynamics will be published in book form. All participants of the symposium will receive the book after it is published (in 2010) free of charge.


The registration fee of EUR 100 covers all conference materials as well as accommodation and meals. Participants are expected to present a poster, which will be displayed throughout the meeting.

Registration deadline (Friday, June 12, 2009) has already passed and the accepted participants, selected by the program committee, were notified. Accepted participants will have to submit their abstracts by July 6, 2009. The instructions for submission of abstracts, preparation of posters and for payment of the registration fee can be found here.

Local Organizing Committee:

A. Zahradníková; M. Gaburjáková; A. Zahradníková, jr.; R. Janíček; M. Novotová

Program Committee:

M. Bär (Germany); B. Echebarria (Spain); S. Luther (Germany); A. Panfilov (The Netherlands); I. Zahradník (Slovakia)


M. Bär (Germany);

E. Cherry (USA);

P. Colli-Franzone (Italy);

G. Dupont (Belgium);

B. Echebarria (Spain);

M. Falcke (Germany);

F. Fenton (USA);

S. Luther (Germany);

A. Panfilov (The Netherlands);

G. Plank (UK);

Y. Shiferaw (USA);

P. Swietach (UK);

A. Trafford (UK);

E. White (UK);

I. Zahradník (Slovakia);

A. Zahradnikova (Slovakia);